Abiding – Mark 1:35-45


As we saw in last week’s passage, Mark 1:21-34, Jesus had more than a full day of ministry as he entered the city of Capernaum.  He preached and prayed at the synagogue from 6 A.M. until Noon, healed Peter’s mother-in-law of an illness, had a meal and spent time with the disciples on the Sabbath afternoon, and then was mobbed in the evening, as the entire city showed up at Peter’s house to witness the Lord heal those with diseases and cast out demons from the spiritually afflicted.  Jesus must have been exhausted from the heavy physical, mental and emotional burdens placed on Him that day.  If that was any of us, we would have reached for the “snooze” button or slept in the next morning.  But not Jesus.  He was up and at it before sunrise.

We might argue, “yeah but He’s God.”  Well, Jesus is and was fully God, but He we must remember that He was also fully man.  And Mark reveals both aspects of Jesus’ nature again this week.  Despite Christ’s divinity, position and authority,  He recognized the vital necessity of abiding in the Father at all times.

As you meditate on the passage before we meet together on Sunday morning, give some thought to how Jesus demonstrated His need to abide in the Father and why He did so.  If the perfect God-man found it necessary to abide in the Father, how much more do you and I need to abide in God?

In Christ alone,

Pastor Bob

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