Paralyzed No More – Mark 2:1-12

 Mark’s gospel is written to a Roman/Gentile audience, some 15-20 years after Christ’s earthly life, death, resurrection and ascension.  These Gentiles were largely uninterested in knowing how Jesus fulfilled Old Testament prophecies but were vitally interested in this remarkable leader who appeared in Judea; this man who claimed and exhibited great power and authority.  They either knew of Jesus, through others, or had personally witnessed much of what He had said and done.

In this week’s Scripture reading, we see one such witness to the power and authority of Jesus.  What happened at a home in Capernaum was so extraordinary that those in attendance  proclaimed, “We never saw anything like this!”  As you meditate on the passage, give some thought to what the crowd found so astounding about what they saw.

In this passage, we also begin to notice the rising opposition to Jesus by the Jewish authorities.  Those one would expect to be the first to recognize the identity and role of Jesus are the ones who seem the most unsettled by His preaching and actions.  Why do you think they reacted as they did?  In what ways do you sense your own opposition to Christ’s authority?

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