Seedbed – Mark 4:1-20

The interest in Jesus continues to grow as we arrive at chapter four of Mark’s gospel.  Synagogues and homes are no longer able to contain the crowds that pursue Him.  He has now moved out into the open, sitting in a boat on the shore of the Sea of Galilee, as the growing crowd occupies the vast shoreline hoping to see and hear Jesus.

Jesus addresses the crowd using a parable, which serves as a mirror of the lives of those He is speaking to.  This parable is no Aesop’s fable.  It is constructed with the intent of reflecting the principles of the kingdom of God, while forcing the hearer to ask “where do I stand in relation to this parable?”  Jesus’ parables don’t do the thinking for us, they make us think for ourselves.

Jesus seems to indicate that one must understand this parable in order to understand His other parables.  As you seek to understand it, who do you find plays the role of the sower?  What is the seed?  Who or what is the soil?

Parables are meant to be “heard,” so trying reading the parable out loud (even at dinner time with your family) and then reflect on your own place within the parable.  Where do you see yourself?

Please pray for fertile soil as we talk about all this and more on this Lord’s Day, March 18th.   Come join for worship at 10:30 A.M.

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