Just in Time – Mark 5:21-43

So far in Mark’s gospel, we’ve seen Jesus unpack the Word of God as if He inspired it, heal people of all kinds of sicknesses, cast out demons, control the weather, and overcome the spiritual forces of evil.  Wouldn’t you think, by this time, that anyone reading Mark’s gospel would recognize that Jesus is God?  And if not, what does He have to do to convince them?  Raise someone from the dead?!  OK.  That’s just one of the things Jesus does in this week’s passage.  But, believe it or not, Jesus’ command over life and death is not the main point Mark wants us to take away.  Mark wants us to see that the divine power of Jesus is worthy of faith.

It is a sad thing, however, that no amount of proof will convince some people about Jesus.  Many think they already have everything they need and have no room in their hearts for Jesus.  Others think Jesus is foolish, laughing and scoffing at Him and His followers. Some want to be around Jesus for what Jesus can get them, rather than for Jesus Himself. Even many Christians lack faith in Jesus when things aren’t going the way they want.  We see all of these responses to Jesus in Mark 5:21-43.

Take a couple of minutes to read the passage and think about the various reactions to Jesus by those Mark mentions.

What relationship do you notice between fear, the power of Jesus and faith?

How are the circumstances related to Jairus and “the woman” similar and yet very different?

Do you trust in Jesus alone?  If not, what more will it take for that to happen?

Please join me in praying for God to strengthen our faith and increase the presence of His kingdom when we gather for worship this coming Sunday.

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