Offensive Jesus – Mark 6:1-13

I grew up in a town much smaller than Goffstown and still consider it my hometown, despite the fact that I moved away soon after I graduated from college.  When in my hometown, I regularly bump into people I either grew up with or knew while I lived there. People there still refer to me as “Bobby” and everyone wants to relive a half dozen or so stories that they remember about me or my family whenever we’re together.  Of course I reply back with a few things on them and so the story goes.  I’ll always be the kid that worked on their car, pumped their gas, helped them with this or that project and as “the McKenney kid.”

Jesus grew up in the small town of Nazareth, but eventually left to proclaim the good news of the kingdom of God elsewhere in the region.  When He returned, He was viewed by those who remembered Him, as the carpenter’s kid, as a carpenter Himself, as Mary’s son, as the brother to four other boys and as a brother to a couple of girls.  I can almost hear the stories – “Remember that trough He built for our stable?  Remember when His parents left Jerusalem without Him?  He was always such an obedient child.”  When in town, apparently for the first time since He hit the road, Jesus was given the opportunity to speak in the Saturday synagogue service and “astonished” the congregants with His teaching.  Astonished as they were with Jesus, the found Him “offensive.”  So Jesus healed only a few people, packed up the disciples and they all went out to other villages within the region proclaiming the good news of the Gospel.

As you meditate on this week’s passage, consider the following questions:

Why do you think the hometown crowd was offended by Jesus?

Why didn’t Jesus hang around Nazareth a little longer?

How did Jesus’ approach for getting the good news out change beginning in verse 7?

Please join me in praying for God to strengthen our faith and increase the presence of His kingdom when we gather for worship this coming Sunday.  Also, please pray about how you may be able to help us reach out to our community during Old Home Day and through our summer Kid’s Camp.  You can read more about those ministry opportunities in the right hand column.

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