“Heart of the Matter” – Mark 6:45-56

You’d almost think the disciples would be leery about taking another boat ride for Jesus.  Who knows what will happen this time?  But they must have viewed it as an opportunity to escape the desperation of the crowds.  A quiet row across the Galilee might provide the peace, quiet and relaxation they were hoping for.  Well, this trip was anything but peaceful, quiet or relaxing.  They toiled at the oars and against the wind for over six hours and couldn’t even keep the boat on course.  And that was just the beginning of what Jesus had in store for them that evening (take a minute to read about that night in the passage above if you haven’t).

Verses 51 and 52 are important for understanding this week’s passage.  The disciples were utterly astounded at what they witnessed Jesus do and even at what He said, and yet they still did not understand about the loaves (last week’s passage).  The point being made is that Jesus is much more than we think and wants to do much more than we expect.  But our hearts seem to be the limiting factor, do they not?

If you have time, read this week’s passage in three different Bible translations.  You can do that at Bible Gateway.  ClickHERE to read it in the ESV and then give it a try in two other translations.  Doing this will give you a better sense of what is going on and being said.  Look especially at verses 51 and 52.

Consider Jesus’ words in verse 50.  He literally says, in one of these sentences, “It is I am.”  Why might that be significant?

Please join me in praying that God will open all our hearts to see who Jesus is and all that He has for us when we gather for worship this coming Sunday.  Also, please pray about how you may be able to help us reach out to our community during Old Home Day and through our summer Kid’s Camp.  There are plenty of ways for everyone to get involved and we need everyone’s help.

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