“Seeing Clearly” – Mark 8:22-31

I hope you had an opportunity to witness last week’s amazing youth skit, which served as a powerful reminder of the depth of man’s spiritual blindness and of God’s unfailing love, compassion and provision for those who seek Him.  This Sunday, at last, we get some resolution on the whole issue of spiritual blindness, as the disciples finally understand who Jesus is, the Christ.  They finally see that Jesus is the King of the kingdom of God and the Savior of those who seek Him.  This passage, and the disciples’ acknowledgment that it contains, is an important hinge point between the first and second sections of Mark’s gospel.

But there’s this odd little story, all of about five verses, that seems to be inserted right in between two passages on spiritual blindness.  It is a passage not mentioned in any of the other three gospels, and appears to be a classic Markian sandwich, thrown right in the middle of things to heighten emphasis.  But to emphasize what? Do you notice any similarities between the story of the blind man and the passages immediately before or after it?

Take some time to skim again through Mark’s gospel up to chapter 8, verse 30 and reflect on the topic of spiritual blindness.  Who seems to be susceptible to spiritual blindness?  Only Jesus’ enemies?  Only His disciples?  What might Mark be telling you or us about our own spiritual blindness?

I hope you will join us for worship on Sunday morning at 9AM, as we transition to our summer hours.

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