“The Biggest Loser” – Mark 8:27-9:1

We’ve reached the point in Mark’s gospel where the disciples have discovered the identity of Jesus.  He is the Christ, the anointed King of the kingdom of God.  He is the Messiah and Son of Man.  But it becomes quite clear that He was not the sort of Christ the disciples, or anyone else, were expecting.  He explains that He will suffer, be rejected by the Jewish leaders, die and be raised up on the third day, all of which Peter finds appalling.  Within seconds of his good confession, Peter slaps his Savior with a rebuke.  What do you suppose was going through Peter’s head at that moment?  Why did he react this way?  How do we sometimes react when God’s ways do not conform to our own expectations?

After Jesus returns the rebuke to Peter and the watching disciples, He begins to explain the ultimate cost of discipleship.  This is not a passage to pass over quickly (read it carefully).  Jesus requires more than a lot, from those who follow Him.  He requires everything!  If you really believe that Jesus is who Scripture and He Himself claims to be, what’s holding you back from giving Him your all?

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