“Kingdom Value” – Mark 10:32-52


If you served or stopped by the church this week, you know that the King is Coming.  In fact, I think every person in the village or driving by knows it.  This church’s vacation Bible school, The King is Coming Kid’s Camp, has been an amazing testimony to God’s presence in the body of Christ here in Goffstown.  There has been singing, dancing, praising, playing, learning, Scripture memorizing, crafting, eating and praying all to the glory of God and for the sake of magnifying Christ this week.  Nearly the entire congregation has been involved up to and during this week.

Rewind nearly two thousand years and we will notice that a similar sort of pilgrimage was unfolding as Jesus and the crowds began to journey up to Jerusalem for the annual Passover festival.  Entire families would embark on the journey traveling 6-8 hours a day (you think it’s tough traveling with kids in the car for 8 hours, try it by foot, horse or camel!).  The kids would often be playing, singing, dancing and eating in the caravan as they traversed the rugged terrain up to the holy city.  All of this was done with triumphant expectation as the looked forward to the day when the King would finally come.  This Sunday’s passage describes a scene in which the King had come and was on His way now to Jerusalem.  But not all would view His arrival as an occasion for praise.  Even His own disciples, despite Jesus’ efforts to prepare them, fell short in their understanding of God’s grand plan for victory.

As you read this week’s passage (above), try and imagine what it would be like to be part of the crowd as they journeyed to Jerusalem with Jesus in their midst.  If you were one of the Apostles or even the blind man, Bartimaeus, how would you feel as Jesus spoke to you?  What would you say and do?

For those of you who like word searches, try and find where Jesus says the exact same thing to two different people in our text.  Why do you suppose He did that?  How are these two instances related?

I suspect there will be much praising, singing, learning, eating (at the Lord’s table) this Sunday as we worship our Lord together at 9AM.  Come join us as we celebrate the King’s coming!

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