“Authentic” – Mark 11:1-25


Do you wonder if you can ever be a good enough Christian?  Many of us work very hard to do what God expects of us, especially to love Him and our neighbors.  But we all fall far short of the righteous standard that God has set.  The culture around us certainly sees it.   We are often called “hypocrites” when we fall and it seems as though many non-Christians are just waiting to catch us when we do.  Many of us work so hard to make it seem as though we are far better than we are, yet we know if anyone knew what we’ve done in private or the thoughts we’ve had, they would probably be shocked.  It really makes each of us wonder, “Can I be a good enough Christian?”  The answer to that question is both “no” and “yes.”

The Bible tells us that we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.  Each and every one of us is unable to be good enough to merit eternal life.  We just cannot be good enough on our own.  However, we will be considered good enough by God when our faith is in the perfect righteous record of Jesus, His atoning death on the cross and His resurrection.  In fact, there is only one type of Christian, those who have been washed clean and declared “perfect” by the person and work of Jesus Christ.  Thankfully, our not so good track record, which is seen by others, is not what God will look at when we are judged.  He will see that we are justified based on the record of Jesus that has been imputed to us. When we are called a “hypocrite,” we are provided a tremendous opportunity to explain that we are not justified before God on our own pathetic record, and that’s exactly why we’ve decided to become a Christian.

So while we cannot be perfect or even good enough on our own, God has called us to be authentic Christians.  Being an authentic Christian isn’t about keeping up appearances, it’s about a life surrendered to Jesus.  We’ll be looking at what a faithful life surrendered to Jesus looks like on Sunday morning.  We’ll learn it’s not easy, but that we can and will make surprising progress as God works in us.

Please take a few minutes to read this week’s passage and consider the steps you may need to make in order to surrender or more fully surrender your life to Jesus.  Hope to see you on Sunday morning at 9 AM!

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