“Authority” – Mark 11:27-12:12


“Who does He think He is?  What gives Him the right to say and do these things in the temple?”  These are the types of questions the chief priests, scribes and elders were asking about Jesus.  They were infuriated with Him.  Previously Herod had declared himself king of Judea and now the Romans were muscling in militarily and politically.  The Jewish people sure could use a messiah to save them from their oppression, but there had already been so many false messiahs.  Fed up and caught up in a desire to perpetuate their own authority, the religious leaders failed to recognize the rightful King.  Worse yet, they planned to destroy Him.

Yet none of this surprised Jesus (Mark 8:31), and all of it was part of God’s plan to validate Jesus as the true King and ultimate authority.

Please take a few minutes to read this week’s passage and, as you do, try and determine the identities of the various characters in the parable of the vinedressers (or tenants).  Also, give some thought to to the role of Jesus’ authority today.

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