“Decision 2012” – Mark 12:13-17

Has this been one of the nastiest campaign seasons in recent memory or is it just that I’ve forgotten how ugly these political cycles can be?  There have been barbs, false accusations, violent acts and deceiption at the local, state and national levels.  Yet, the political temperature in this country is, at best, lukewarm compared to the political temperature in Israel during the decades surrounding Jesus’ life and earthly ministry.

Thankfully, in God’s providence, we find ourselves at a spot in Mark’s gospel where Jesus provides us with a relevant and foundational truth on this issue of politics.  There is much to be learned from it and applied to our own lives, especially as the fire gets turned up during the march to the general election in November.  If you find yourself getting enraged by this or that candidate, Jesus has something to say to you.  If you are not sure what you’ll do if your candidate loses, Jesus has something to say to you.  If you’re thinking, “if things don’t go my way in November, I’m going to ignore the results,” Jesus has something to say to you.

Jesus is not impartial with regard to politics.  He didn’t say “revolt” but He also didn’t say “roll over.” What Jesus reveals about the nature of politics, in this week’s passage, will have ramifications for the decision you make on November 6th and far beyond.

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