Kiss of Death – Mark 14:43-52


The term, “Kiss of Death,” originates from our passage this week, referring to Judas’s kiss that betrayed Jesus to the Jewish leaders known as the Sanhedrin.  When we use the term today, it refers to a ruinous act.  It is an act with fatal consequences.  Certainly the act of betrayal portrayed in Mark’s gospel resulted in fatal consequences for Jesus when He was murdered on the cross.  It also resulted in fatal consequences for Judas, who took his own life rather than face what he had done.  But for many, this kiss set off a chain of events that would mean new and eternal life for thousands of years to come.  Christ’s death on the cross was followed by His resurrection, and the offer of eternal life to all who place their faith in Him.  What Judas and the Sanhedrin meant for evil, God meant for good.
Even though we may be saved by the good plans of God and the faith we’ve been given in Jesus, there are times when we as Christians don’t feel so good.  There are times when we feel as if we’ve failed God and let Him down.  We identify personally with the behavior of the disciples more often than we do with the righteousness of Jesus.  Over time, this view of ourselves can result in our slide away from rather than toward God.  But Mark shows us, this week, that God will not give up on or fail in His plans for us, even when we give up on and fail Him.  Come join us as we look at and seek God’s Spirit in applying that truth to our own lives.

Christian formation classes start at 9:15 AM and worship at 10:30 AM. A time of fellowship follows the service.  Invite someone new to church this week!

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