“Testimonies” – Mark 14:53-72

Finally!  Jesus gets His day in court.  Yeah, He gets His day in court alright.  But justice is not about to be carried out when the judge also serves as prosecutor.  It is ironic that the true High Priest is called to account by the high priest.  That the Judge of the world is being judged by the world.  The Sanhedrin is not interested in determining the facts, they are only interested in testimonies resulting in a speedy conviction and a death sentence for Jesus.  This has been the plan for the religious leaders for some time, to get Jesus out of the way.
This kangaroo court provides the final hinge point in Mark’s gospel.  It leads us into the final phase of the story that asks the critical questions, “Who is Jesus?” and “What does that mean for me?”  As part of His trial, Jesus provides the answer to the first question, both pleasing and infuriating His captors.  It is infuriating because they assume His answer is false without examining the evidence and it pleases them because they know it will result in the conviction they are hoping for.
Just when we were ready to write Peter off, he shows up again at the beginning and end of our passage (can you smell a sandwich?).  But Peter seems influenced by those around him and doesn’t deal well with the truth when it comes to his own testimony about Jesus.  He has distanced himself from Jesus and that brings into serious question the integrity of his faith.  What would God’s word have us learn about Peter and ourselves from this passage?  Have you examined the evidence about Jesus or have you already made up your mind without a fair hearing?

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