“On Ahead” – Mark 15:42-16:8


empty tomb
Mark’s gospel ends up circling around to where it began.  Mark wants you to see who Jesus is and consider what that means for you.
While we’re very much focused on the incarnation of Jesus at this time of year, if it wasn’t for His resurrection, we never would have heard of Jesus.  But Mark is not simply calling us to know about Jesus, rather, he is calling us to truly know Jesus.  Knowing Jesus is much more than assenting to the historical truths about Him or inviting Him into your heart.  Knowing Jesus is about union with Him and about an ongoing and radical, Holy Spirit transformation of the heart and mind resulting in a desire to follow and be conformed to Christ.  It can happen to anyone.  It can happen to you.  No one is too far gone and no one is the “perfect” disciple.  Truly knowing Jesus is about trusting Him for salvation and for life.  It is about surrender and abiding in Christ alone.
Maybe you’ve been blind to or putting Jesus off.  Perhaps you’ve been waiting to have all your questions answered, only to push the line in the sand of trust a few steps further away, keeping Jesus at what you consider a safe distance from your heart.  Perhaps you consider yourself a disciple of Christ, but have held back from surrendering all to Jesus because you feel too inadequate, fallen or weak to be used by Him.  Well, the same power of God that came over Mary and conceived Jesus is the same power that raised Him from the dead.  And it is that same power of God in which you can trust to transform your mind and heart and which He will use to fulfill Jesus mission for His Church through your inadequate, fallen and weak person.
Really, what are you waiting for?  Who is Jesus to you and what does that mean for your life?  That is the most important question anyone can ask and it is one all must face.  What is your answer?

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