“Of God” – Acts 5:12-42

Peter Preaching Solomons Portico

We are treading deeper into the book of Acts and, as we do, we notice that the intensity of attacks against the early church have increased. Those attacks came from outside the church and even came from within it. Yet despite all this opposition, the Church continued to gain momentum and grow both in its width and in its depth. That has been the story of the church for the last two thousand years, as Christ’s kingdom is received and God’s plan to reconcile and restore His creation advances. There is no way the church born in Acts would have survived without God’s sovereign hand moving it forward and providing for it’s every need.

Oh how I pray that God would provide us, here in Goffstown, with the kind of momentum experienced in that early church. How I long to see us grow as they did, in both width and depth. While today, we are hardly experiencing the fruit of great revival abundant in the church of Acts, we should not for a moment think that God cannot do a great work of revival and awakening in our day using us. For the God of the book of Acts is the same God we worship and trust our lives to today. So, it is in no way a huge leap to believe that God can move our church forward and provide for our every need using the same means He did with our spiritual fathers almost two thousand years ago. Church history reports that God has done surprising works of revival time and time again in in the worldwide church and even at the Congregational Church of Goffstown.

So how will we know when revival has begun in Goffstown? What can we expect God to do and what part do we play in it? The answers to those questions will be our focus as we continue in the book of Acts this Sunday morning at 10:30. I hope you can be with us!

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