“Acts of God” – Acts 9:32-43

Lame walk


The scene in our journey through the book of Acts changes from one great Apostle, Paul, to another, Peter. Then in a few chapters, it will switch back to Paul. Some Bibles even make mention that this section of the book is about Peter’s ministry and that the final section is about Paul’s ministry. That characterization is something I have to take exception to, and plan to do so on Sunday morning.

Yet there’s no denying that amazing things occur over the course of the next couple of chapters, and that Peter is intimately involved. Take this week’s passage, for instance. Peter assumes the role of miracle worker, healing a bedridden and paralyzed man, only to top it by raising a women from the dead. Both miracles seem strikingly similar to those we witnessed in Mark’s gospel last year. Hmmm. What are we to think of these miracles? Are they really miracles? What are miracles anyway?

The story ends with Peter lodging at the home of a Christian tanner (yes the type who makes leather not the one who makes one’s skin darker). It seems to be a rather odd occurrence, and something totally unfitting of a man of Peter’s stature. As you meditate on all twelve verses, consider how all of this might fit together. Ask yourself, “What is God communicating and how does it apply to us here and now?” The answers to all these questions will be our focus on Sunday, as we seek to be encouraged by God, through the accounts of these very first followers of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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