“Jail Call” – Acts 16:25-40

Small Jail VBS 2013

What does a jail have to do with Christ’s church? This week, as it turns out, two things! As you’ll notice at the front of the sanctuary on Sunday morning, the hoosegow is an integral prop in of our upcoming Gold Rush Kid’s Camp. It’s the one place where Kate the Snake Jackson, an outlaw in our Gold Rush town, has yet to set foot. The jail is also the location where, in the book of Acts, we’re going to see the transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ at work in the hearts, desires and actions of those who believe in Him.

I hope you don’t find yourself in jail, like the apostle Paul and Silas, but I do hope that your faith will be encouraged by the four separate instances of Gospel transformation contained in this week’s passage. If you’re a follower of Jesus, the same Holy Spirit at work in that early church is at work in you, me and our church today. His work in us begins with our faith in Jesus and doesn’t stop there, as He continues to transform us in ways that previously seemed incomprehsible.

Come join us this Sunday as we seek to be encouraged and to refresh our wonder at the grace that shook the jailer’s world and melted his hardened heart.

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