“Disturbing the Peace” – Acts 17:1-15

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I can’t believe that we are already entering day four of our Gold Rush Kid’s Camp.  What a week thus far!  Many of you and I have sensed a strong presence of the Holy Spirit among us this week.  He has been present and at work overcoming many hindrances and obstacles, making more of the week than we could have imagined.  His work in our presence is, although, a humbling reminder of our need to seek His strength and power as we face Satan’s attempts to derail the work of Gospel ministry.
I believe that same theme is at the core of this week’s passage in the book of Acts.  Paul, in fact, recognizes that very fact in his first letter to the church at Thessalonica, one of the two main stops on our journey with the apostle this week.  Luke is sparingly short on the details of this two city visit, yet there are two activities, in particular, that he makes an effort to stop and report.  This Sunday, we’ll take a look at those activities and why Luke found them so important for us to know in our battle against the enemy of our souls as we work to be disciple making disciples of Jesus.

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