“Start Here” – Acts 19:1-20

starting line run


On your mark, get set, go!  Yes, we’ve just crossed the starting line of a new year in many ways.  School has started, you can actually get something done at work now that vacation season is over, and you’ve probably begun any number of other activities that have restarted after a summer hiatus.  It’s the time of year when things begin to start up again at our church too.  Sunday school kicks into gear, a new fiscal year is upon us and Sunday worship returns to its start time of 10:30.   It’s, naturally, a time when many of us hope to make a new start in life.
What exactly does it mean to “make a new start” as Christians?  Is there any benefit to it and, if so, what can we realistically expect?  Our passage this week in the book of Acts seems to something more significant than simply making a new start.  It seems to suggest that God is at work in us in a way that’s not subject to the colossal failure rate of so many other “new starts” we’ve been involved in before.  In fact, I’d like to show you, on Sunday, several reasons why simply trying to make your own new start can fail.  It’s easy to make a new start, but starting at the right place makes all the difference in your success.
Don’t forget to join us for the 8 A.M. All Church Breakfast, followed by Sunday School at 9:15 and worship at 10:30.  We’ll have plenty of pancakes and the Word of God endures forever, so please invite a friend or family to join you this week!  Maybe your invitation will point them toward a fresh start!

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