“Seismic” – Acts 19:21-41

crack ground


What difference can we, as Christians, really make in the world? I doubt that’s the question the church in Ephesus was asking but they soon would find out, as the Gospel of Jesus Christ changed not only individuals but an entire culture. You see, the Gospel is so pervasive it causes seismic shifts wherever it’s taken. Luke, the author of Acts, gives us a good look at the extent the Gospel affected that city in this week’s passage, and provides hope for the impact we too can make on the world around us.
Making that kind of impact doesn’t require you to be obnoxious, uber-radical or to give up your day job and move half way across the world. It happened in Ephesus by living a normal Christian life. It happened by being what faith in Jesus had made them. When you start with Jesus, the outworkings of the Gospel flow from you to the world around you. It really is that simple and at the same time that seismic.
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