“Word of Comfort” – Acts 20:1-12



If you’ve ever fallen asleep in church, you’ll take comfort in this week’s passage, featuring a young man named Eutychus, who fell asleep and to his death as the Apostle Paul was preaching.  Well, I meant that you’d find comfort in the fact that someone else had fallen asleep in church, not that doing so may result in your own death.  Thankfully, falling asleep is not the kind of comfort this week’s passage is getting at.  Nor is it trying to tell you that there can be dire consequences to falling asleep in church, although, in a sense that’s true.
No, Luke, the author of the book of Acts wants us to see something else this week.  He gives us another inside look at the early church, hoping to provide you with comfort, encouragement, strength and help.  Ultimately, he’s pointing us to grace as it was dispensed by Paul and others in the first years of Christ’s church.  God is still dispensing that same grace to you and me today, and it’s free for the asking!
Join us for worship at 10:30 on Sunday and for Sunday School at 9:15. We have many new classes this year.  Everyone is welcome!

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