“Decisions, Decisions” – Acts 21:1-26



Mint chocolate chip or cookie dough? Blue shirt or yellow shirt?Decisions, decisions and what difference do they really make? I’d rather someone else make decisions like this because I can never decide. And it really doesn’t matter to me. Well, our decisions are not always this mundane and not every one agrees with the decisions you and I make. In the book of Acts this week, we see that the Apostle Paul was certainly faced with some tough decisions and he made at least one of them while being second guessed by many of his closest companions.

Paul’s love for Jesus and his faith prepared him to make the tough calls and can help you and I make them too, while at the same time keeping the peace. Because of the Gospel we can resolve conflict with others and ultimately make the most of our lives for Jesus. The Gospel compels us to sacrifice our lives for Jesus. This Sunday, we’ll see how that realistically worked out in the life of the growing Christian church and how it work in your life and in mine today.

Come join us for Sunday morning worship at 10:30 and for Sunday School at 9:15. Everyone is welcome!

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