“The Bad News” – Acts 24:22-25:12

Bite of Apple


No one likes bad news. Really? Is that true? When you read the news, whether in the newspaper or online, it is usually not good. More often than not, the news that captures the reader’s attention is bad. Bad news travels faster than good news. Last night’s Red Sox victory might be the exception, unless your a Cards fan. But, typically, bad news sells. People thrive on it.

Something about the news the Apostle Paul gave Felix, the governor of Judea, was bad news. And Felix didn’t like it one bit. So bad, in fact, was that news that it caused Felix fear. The word used for “fear” in the passage literally means to “tremble” or be “terrified.” Paul was the prisoner, not Felix, and Felix is the one who invited Paul to speak with him. So why all the fear and trembling then? I thought Paul was a minister of the “good news,” about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So why now is he the bearer of bad news?

We’ll dig deeper into that question on Sunday morning and also ask, “What is it about us that loves bad news?”

Come learn more as we join together Sunday morning for worship at 10:30 and for Sunday School at 9:15. Don’t forget to set your clock back an hour Saturday night. Everyone is welcome!

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