“Giving Thanks” – Psalm 95

heart of worship


We are taking a break from our series on the book of Acts this Sunday to focus on Thanksgiving. I don’t want to spend time debating whether the Pilgrims ate turkey or watch a football game on the first Thanksgiving. I want to consider why it is they were thankful. One of my favorite books is “Of Plymouth Plantation,” a diary of William Bradford. It traces 42 years of Bradford’s life, from Europe to the establishment and operation of the Plymouth Settlement. Our fathers who arrived on the Mayflower knew persecution and adversity like almost no other generation of New Englanders to follow them. Yet, their hearts were filled with thankful worship. Why is that? Don’t we all want some of that?

Well, thankfully, God has shown you and me, in Psalm 95, what warms our hearts to thankful worship. This Sunday we’ll dig into that passage, seeking to discover what it is that Bradford and his Mayflower cohorts knew. Also, take a few moments to add your comments to the growing Wall of Thanksgiving in the fellowship hall (vestry) next to the sanctuary. We have so much to thank God for.

Come grow in God’s grace together on Sunday morning at 10:30 as we worship Him and at 9:15 for Sunday school. Bring a friend or another family to church with you this week. Everyone is welcome!

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