Close Doesn’t Count – Acts 26:24-32

Accuracy - Dart hitted the target


What does it mean to be a Christian? Does that depend on the denomination you belong to, the person you’re asking or the period of time you live in? These are not just 21st century questions, but one’s we can spot even in this week’s passage from the first century book of Acts. As we approach the first week of Advent, this Sunday, it is important to contemplate the role of the person and work of Jesus and exactly how widely one can define Christian faith and practice. That’s exactly what we’ll be doing as we draw near to the end of our journey through the book of Acts. These are real life questions with life changing consequences.

Come learn more as we join together Sunday morning for worship, the lighting of the Hope candle and the singing of our first Christmas songs of the season at 10:30. Bring a friend or another family to church with you this week. Everyone is welcome!

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