Acts 27:1-44 – “Hope in the Storm”

storms of life


I hope you didn’t just jump past all 44 verses of this week’s passage to get here.  You did?  Alright, take a minute to go back and read it.  Paul was on a voyage well worth reading about.  Paul lived through a lot of storms, but this one is unique.  Believe it or not, this particular storm has more in common with the storms you and I face than Paul’s other trials. If you look close, you’ll notice that Paul’s actions demonstrate how you and I can find real and enduring hope in the trials of life.
We all experience storms and suffering yet it’s easy to whine, complain and take pity on ourselves rather than see the good that can come out of it.  The solution isn’t to have a “positive attitude” or to “just get over it.”  No, the solution is to act on the opportunities God provides while you’re in the midst of those trials.  Yes, trials are God ordained, hope filled opportunities!  That’s hard to accept, especially in the middle of the storm, but Paul’s actions serve to show us that it’s true.
Come learn how to ride the waves of life’s storms as we join together Sunday morning at 10:30 for worship, the lighting of the Advent candle of Peace and the singing of Christmas songs.  Bring a friend or another family to church with you this week.  Everyone is welcome!

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