Luke 11:27-28 – “Blessed”


Yes, that’s Mary, or an artist’s rendering thereof, at the top of this post. And, yes, you are receiving the correct clergy person’s posting! This week, we’re going to reflect, a bit, on the blessed virgin, the one who gave birth to baby Jesus, and we’re going to reflect on what it means to be “blessed.”

Have you noticed how often we speak of being blessed and wish blessings on others. When someone sneezes, I’m guessing you respond, “Bless you!” But what does it truly mean to be blessed? What do you want for that person or yourself when seeking a blessing. Are you hoping for prosperity, a certain anointing or for safety?

Not many can claim the blessed life that the virgin Mary had. She was blessed in so many ways. She was, no doubt, the envy of every Jewish mother. And, yet, Jesus indicates that you can be blessed more than Mary! We’ll talk about just how Mary was blessed and the ways in which Jesus wants you and I to be blessed when we meet together on the fourth Sunday in Advent.

Come grow in God’s grace together on Sunday morning at 10:30 and at 9:15 for Sunday school. Bring a friend or another family to church with you this week. Everyone is welcome!

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