“Our Turn” – Acts 28:11-31



We made it! We made it to the last section of the book of Acts. Does it end the way you expected? Maybe you already knew the ending. Paul made it to Rome but the ending seems so anticlimactic. Especially, given that this is the last piece of biblical history we really have outside of a few particulars found in the later epistles. What are we to make of the ending?

The year is 63 A.D. and it has been 30 years since Jesus ascended into heaven. The church is three decades old and yet, despite all the changes, it looks quite similar to the way it started. That’s something Luke, the author of Acts, goes out of his way to show us in this last passage. You see, the ending really isn’t about the Apostle Paul. It’s all about Jesus. Acts begins with Jesus and ends with Jesus, even though it begins in Jerusalem and ends in the center of the Roman Empire. If we approach the ending with our eyes fixed on Paul we’ll be disappointed. We don’t learn, in Acts, if he was ever released from prison. We don’t learn if he ever met face to face with Caesar. We don’t find out if he made it to Spain as he ultimately hoped. We’re left wondering about Paul. But if we fix our eyes on Jesus, we’ll see that the ending to Acts had to be as it is. We’ll see the continuity between the early church, the church 30 years later and the church in the present age. If your eyes are fixed on Jesus, you can’t help but be encouraged and excited about what He has in store for you and for our church.

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