“Before the Beginning” – Genesis 1:1-2

Genesis Book of Beginnings



This Sunday we begin a new sermon series through the book of Genesis. This journey will probably take us a year and a half but will be instrumental in forming our Christian world view and giving us an understanding of the rest of Scripture. My hope is that it will serve as an anchor to your faith and a help to navigating day to day life in the modern world.


Genesis means “origin,” but Genesis is not the original title of the book. It’s original Hebrew title was “In Beginning.” The Greek translation of the Old Testament changed the title approximately 300 years before the birth of Christ to Genesis. In either case, it is a book of beginnings or origins and, in a sense, it is a book that tells us about the One who was before the beginning of time.


Genesis covers a span of about 2,000 years and is not a complete history but is a spiritually focused history, yet it is historical (not mythical) in nature. It is a book that provided great encouragement to Old Testament Jews and provides Christians with much more as we’ve seen the promises contained therein fulfilled again and again and in their entirety in Jesus Christ.


This week’s passage is only two verses long but it is safe to say that mankind has commented more on these two verses than any other two verses in the entire Bible. Verse 1 is undoubtedly the most well known verse in the Bible. From the passage we’ll learn that, despite our culture’s best attempts, we cannot liberate ourselves from God. We’ll see a number of different reasons why our perspective on God makes a difference in how we approach life.


Come join us in kicking off this new journey through this ancient book as we meet together Sunday morning at 10:30 for worship. Sunday school is at 9:15 in the Parish House for all ages. This is a great week to bring a friend or family member to church and Sunday school. Everyone is welcome!

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