“Created for Works” – Genesis 1:26-2:17


Last week, we learned that God created man to be His image bearer on earth. Man was created to reflect God’s glory to the rest of the creation and to be in a special relationship with God. God had no need of man but created man as a way of sharing His own perfect love. This week, we dig deeper into God’s purposes for man and find that God created man for works. Yes, works!


Many people view work as man’s punishment for rebelling against God in the garden when, in fact, God made man a joyful manual laborer before he was tempted by the fruit of the forbidden tree. Today, you and I are still created to work as God’s representatives on earth. God, having just created the heavens and the earth, created His representatives, man and woman in His own image and likeness, to represent Him through their work on earth. Even now, you and I are created for that much of that same work. In fact, it is a privilege to be about this work on behalf of God. This Sunday, we’ll take a look at that privileged role and several of the works that God has prepared for us as His global representatives.

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