“And the Two Become One” – Genesis 2:18-25



This week’s post from our Genesis series comes from Congregational Church of Goffstown Elder Jim Beltz.

If you have been with us for the beginning of our study of the book of Genesis, you will remember that seven times in Chapter One God saw that his creation was good.  This week, however, we begin our scripture with God’s observation that something in his creation was not (yet) good.  It was not good that Adam was alone.  So God narrates to us how woman was created to be a complementary helper for man.  More than that, he institutes marriage and tells us that man and woman, two individual persons, are to become one.  This has huge implications for how we live, and is even a foreshadowing of the relationship that Christ will have with His church.  As you celebrate Valentine’s Day this week with your spouse, think about the ways in which you work well together in unity, and perhaps consider some ways in which you could improve your ‘one-ness’.  Then join us on Sunday as we study God’s plan for a man and a woman in marriage, and see that it is, indeed, good.

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