New Beginnings – Genesis 3:7-24

Genesis 3.15

Have you ever wondered, “Why are things the way they are in this world and how can they be put right? I became a Christian not long after seeking the answers to those questions and finding them in the Bible. The Bible answers them over and over again. This week, we see them answered in Genesis 3.

Last Sunday’s passage was, undoubtedly, the most tragic in all of Scripture. Adam and his wife lived in a world that was pure and good, but that all changed when they chose to turn from God and put their faith elsewhere. They immediately fell into sin and began to experience all of its consequences. This week, we find that not only do Adam and his wife experience the consequences of their sin, so does the rest of the world around them. They now live, and so do we, in a world filled with self-inflicted toil. We see and experience it with no little regularity. But, we are not without a certain hope. The sin sick conditions revealed in Genesis 3 are also remedied, in that same chapter, with the promise of a grace filled hope. It is a promise that reverberates though the entire book of Genesis, the entire Old Testament and right on through all of the New Testament. God, in Genesis 3, announced His plan to send a Redeemer and Rescuer. In an act of grace, He revealed a plan whereby He will return His people to Himself and bring about an end to the world’s suffering, groaning and corruption. God created man for a relationship and isn’t about to abandon His plan to share that love with us. This week we’ll peer into our condition and discover God’s remedy, as we continue our journey through the book of Genesis.

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