“Branching Out” – Genesis 5



There are a lot of old people in Genesis 5. Beyond that, what else can you say? Maybe this is one of those chapters, that when you’re reading your Bible, you skip right over without giving much thought. We won’t do that this Sunday, because Genesis 5 is the inspired Word of God and it should have something to show us. It should matter. In it is the big story, the thread of redemption branching out on its way to the promise of the Messiah (check out Luke 3:23-38). But there are a number of other significant things going on here. The world of Genesis 5 is changing rapidly as generations and generations of new people begin to populate the earth, and that is where we may want to stop and ponder what is going on. What does this rhythmic and long genealogy have to say to us? What are the implications for our day?

Come join us Sunday at 10:30 as we worship God together.

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