“Contagion” – Genesis 5:28-6:8

dead tree

There’s no shortage of action in this week’s passage from the book of Genesis.  What on earth is happening?  Giants seem to be invading and the sons of God seem to be taking all the beautiful women!  The whole planet is indeed turning upside down.  What God created and proclaimed “very good,” including man, has now become wicked and evil and will be destroyed.  So horrid is the picture portrayed in our passage, that the company who provides our children’s bulletins skipped right over it, surely thinking the topic was inappropriate for young children.   Well, we won’t be so bashful on Sunday.  While the wickedness of human sin was simultaneously crushing the world and bringing grief to God, He offered up grace as a way to escape His impending judgment.  As crazy as the passage may initially appear, it is full of grace, hope and application to our own day.  The bad news is that mankind has not changed a whole lot from the days before the flood, but the good news is that God hasn’t changed at all.  Come join us on Sunday at 10:30

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