“Life Boat” – Genesis 7:6-24

Life boat Jesus


We have reached our second week in the story about Noah, the ark and the flood and find ourselves face to face with the execution of God’s judgment on mankind. It is a sobering account of the de-creation of the world to the point where all that is left is the waters over the deep, and the only living things, with the breath of God in them, are nestled away secure in the ark. As you read this week’s passage (and I hope you do). Give some thought to exactly what is happening. Remind yourself of the reasons why this is happening and the extent to which man has fallen, and still remains fallen to this day. It all points to a greater truth, that no sin goes unpunished by God, but your punishment for sin can be escaped. We are assured that God’s judgment will still be reckoned for our sins, but His grace is also given that each may have the opportunity to escape it. Knowledge of God’s judgment sweetens the message of God’s grace.

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