“Rainbow” – Genesis 8:20-9:17


Did you know that God has a message for you and me in the rainbow? At the most basic level, the rainbow serves as a reminder of God’s covenantal promise to refrain from destroying the world by flood ever again. But it serves as a reminder of much more than that. It reminds us that God orders the present world for human existence; all human existence. It is what’s referred to as common grace. God provides for the existence of all humans, whether they acknowledge Him or not. God has promised to provide for the existence of all the creatures of the earth, with no strings attached. It is a unilateral and unconditional promise of God. As we’ll see on Sunday, it is also a multi-faceted promise.

Why does God make such a promise, despite the fact that intention of man’s heart is evil from his youth? It is because of the goodness of God’s heart and the value He has placed on human life made in His image. God’s common grace and goodness abounds all around us. There’s no escaping it. Do you see it? Do you recognize it for what it is? Whether there’s a rainbow in the sky on Sunday morning or not, we’ll learn from Genesis about the extraordinary nature God’s faithfulness and promises and how that affects our Christian worldview and actions.

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