“Dysfunctional” – Genesis 9:18-29



This will be the last week Genesis will focus on the life and faith of Noah. The book has spent several chapters chronicling the work of God in Noah’s life and has been particularly mindful of his exemplary character. So, it may surprise you that the last section to report on Noah would end on such a sour note. It’s passages like this which remind you that no human author of the Bible would record a story where the hero and the first family of the new world falls headlong into sin. If the Bible was merely an inspiration of man, it would cut and paste only those stories which shed a positive light on the heroes of the faith. But that’s not the case. The family from which all the peoples of the earth will come from has now found itself, somewhat, in dysfunction. God has seen to it that Moses preserved this sorted tale for us in Genesis 9. But what possible reason does God have for revealing these series of incidents? What is it that we can learn from them? I believe it reveals a few truths about faith and righteousness and our need, as Christians, to be diligent in genuinely pursuing and resting in both.

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