“The Land” – Genesis 12:1-9


There is no more central passage to the book of Genesis, and perhaps the entire Old Testament, than Genesis 12:1-9. I’ll even suggest it is absolutely central to a good understanding of the entire Bible. God begins to reveal, in this week’s passage, an important covenant with Abram (soon to be called Abraham), with eternal ramifications for generations to come. Abram didn’t sit down to negotiate this covenant with God. It was a unilateral act of God containing unconditional promises to Abram with benefits available to “all the nations of the earth.” It wasn’t a covenant superseded by the New Covenant, like the Mosaic covenant. It is fully a covenant of grace, not of works. It is a covenant very much in effect and with benefits available to all who hear and put their faith in this great promise of God.

Abram serves as one of the greatest examples of faith in the Bible and was a recipient of God’s grace through this covenant. Yet, as this passage demonstrates, faith in God and His promises is demonstrated by life changing obedience. Abram serves as a great example of how that faith is demonstrated, which will become clearer each week as we continue our journey through the book of Genesis.

Come join us Sunday at 10:30 as we worship God together.

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