Overruling Despair – Genesis 12:10-20


Last week we learned that God is going to make Abram a great nation, make his name great and bless all the families of the earth in Abram. This is one of the greatest promises of the Bible, given to the greatest man of faith in the Bible. So, it is quite surprising that the very next thing we read is that the great Abram stumbled and entered into what seems to be a lack of faith. What are we to make of this? What are we to think of our hero?
Maybe the problem is that we make too much of “heroes.” Abram was not Jesus, that’s for sure. Right from the start of this long section on the life of Abram, we must be careful to remember that Abram is not to be idolized or to take the place of God. He is human, sinful and weak, just like you and me. God’s promises do not depend on Abram, you or me. God’s plans and promises will come to pass, even though God uses humans, and even though those same humans are prone to stumble and lack faith. So when you look at yourself and others in the church and see sin, grieve it and seek to do better but do not despair. We will fail, but God’s plan for us and Christ’s Church will not.

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