Exceedingly Great Reward – Genesis 15:1-21

light in clouds


Continuing on through our journey through Genesis, we arrive at the first conversation between Abram and God. God has spoken to Abram on many occassions but as of yet, Abram has not joined God in dialog. Chapter 15 reveals the contents of that dialog, in which Abram asks many of the same types of questions that you and I often ask of God. He wants assurance of what God has said. He wants confirmation. He wants to know how God is going to fufill what He promises. Does this mean Abram was without faith? Certainly not! It shows that Abram is growing in faith and in His trust in the Lord God. God did not respond angrily or turn Abram away. He provided what Abram needed to take Him at His word.

As we gather this Sunday, we are going to examine this dialog to learn how it is we can take God at His word and how these things will lead us to trust in His greatest promises.

Come join with the body of Christ in worship this Sunday at 9:00!

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