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“Discounting God” – Genesis 16:1-16

trusting God
We jump back into our journey through the book of Genesis this Sunday with a story that’s certain to get your attention.  You can read it just above.  What’s going on here?  These are the heroes of the faith?!  Is this what the Bible is all about?  No this is not what the Bible is all about and the Bible doesn’t encourage anyone to act like these folks are.  There’s much more to the story than that.
This story reveals the moral and spiritual struggles of these individuals and causes us to look upon our own.  At its core, the passage begs you to consider how you so easily over-value yourself and so easily discount God.  Both are to your peril.  It points to the overarching message of the Bible: man’s helplessness and how God’s grace rescues us and provides immeasurable hope.  It is both convicting and incredibly encouraging.

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