“Belonging” – Genesis 17:1-27

joy of the Lord

We live at a time when people have never been so connected and, at the same time, have never been so detached.  Technology and social media have, in one sense, have made the whole world available to us and have also served to isolate us.  Many people feel that they don’t belong anywhere and are craving significance and, if they find it, it is only temporal and misleading.  The same could be said for our spiritual state.  We live in a time where mankind has never been so detached and isolated from God.
It doesn’t have to be that way.  God created us to belong.  He created us to be His and to be of the family of God.  Yet, that is not our natural inclination.  It takes the power and gracious intervention of the Almighty God to deliver us from separation and destruction and to bring about our adoption as children of God.  This truth comes to a climax in this week’s passage from the book of Genesis.  God offers to all the opportunity to belong and be His people.
As we plumb the depths of Sunday’s passage, we’ll seek to find out what it mean to belong to God and discover how that brings about significance and joy to the lives of God’s people.
Come join as we hear from God’s Word and worship together as the body of Christ this Sunday at 9:00!

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