Righteous Rescue – Genesis 18:16-33

Jesus saves sign


You and I live at a time in history when our Christian worldview is becoming less and less relevant to the culture around us.  Social ethics are being reshaped over months and years, rather than decades and centuries, as the morality of popularity becomes the norm in our country.  To hold to your Christian convictions means you will increasingly stand out among your non-Christian neighbor.  It means that you will find yourself, for the first time in our nation’s history, on the opposite side of many moral issues.
We live in a highly secularized society where there is no measure of right and wrong.  Well, that’s not totally true.  It is rabidly wrong to believe there is a right and wrong, or any objective standard by which one is to live.  But that’s about it.
This kind of morality (if we can call it that) is the wishful thinking of fallen men, like you and me, who turn their face from the God who is both Lawgiver and Judge.  It is this Judge of the earth, Abraham declares through another striking rhetorical question, who “will do right.”  It is this Judge of the earth who will do right in several different ways, as this Sunday’s passage reveals.  When we gather, we’ll look at the ways in which He does it and consider the implications of His justice and righteousness, in a world with a blind eye to the reality of them both.

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