“Growing Failure” – Genesis 20:1-18

Growth in Adversity

Things in front of the church office were noticeably different, first thing in the morning this week.  The traffic was once again backing up at the Elm Street intersection and everyone out there seemed in a real hurry.  It became evident that people were shifting out of summer and back into “normal” mode.  Sometimes our faith, or maybe our faithfulness, slumps during summer, when the pressure and demands on us are low.  But then, of course, things get so busy after Labor Day that it’s also easy to get lax when it comes to our devotion to the Christian faith.  No one does it intentionally, but before you know it, you’re relying on yourself a whole lot more than God.  You end up overestimating your ability and underestimating His.

Abraham found himself in a very similar place in our passage for this Sunday.  Abraham was a huge success and a great man of faith, but he began to trust way to much in Abraham and far too little in God.  If you’re honest, you can probably relate.  Whenever you think less of God than you should, you, inevitably, think more of yourself than you should.  At times like this, God often finds a way to get your attention, while providing an opportunity to grow you in your faith.  We’ll look at a couple of ways this happens on Sunday and consider how you and I can think a whole lot more of God and a whole lot less of ourselves.

Come join as we hear from God’s Word and worship together in the body of Christ this Sunday at 10:30!  Don’t forget to come early for breakfast (8 AM) and Sunday school (9:15 AM).

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