Growing in the Same Direction Over Time – Genesis 21:22-34


Integrity is more than displaying good morals. It’s about being what you truly are. From a Christian perspective, it’s about acting in accordance with what you claim to believe. Only Jesus was able to pull it off perfectly. You and I, if we are Christians, are works in process. God is sanctifying us over time. You can see the same thing happening to Abraham, as you reflect on what we’ve learned of him since he entered the scene in Genesis 11. Abraham had faith, but was still growing in faithfulness. He had messed up big time, but even through those mess-ups he was being changed. Over time it becomes increasingly evident to us, that Abraham is growing.

Christian faithfulness is like that. Christian faithfulness is recognized by the direction of your life. You may not notice it day to day, but over time you will. Others may even be more likely to notice growth (that’s why the gift of encouragement is so important within the body of Christ). If a person is growing, you should be able to point to various markers of increased Christian faithfulness in that person’s life.

This Sunday, we’re going to look at a couple markers of that faithfulness, in the life of Abraham, and directly apply them to our own lives. As we go through this passage, I hope you’ll be encouraged to take stock of your own integrity and consider how your Christian walk can continue to grow.

Join as we hear from God’s Word and worship together in the body of Christ this Sunday at 10:30! Sunday school begins at 9:15. Bring your friends and family. Everyone is welcome!

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