Christian faith presumes love-born sacrifice – Gen. 22:1-9

crown and cross


This week’s passage is one of the most frequently told stories in all of ancient literature.  It is riveting, having made some readers furious and others wonder in great awe.  There is truly so much I want to say, that it feels as if we’ll only be scratching the surface this Sunday.  So, we’ll try and focus in on the passage’s main theme, sacrifice.  We’ll narrow in on how Christian faith presumes love-born sacrifice.

While God’s request of Abraham might seem awful and terribly wicked, we need to realize that God was testing Abraham.  God never intended to let Abraham sacrifice his son.  Isaac would not be harmed.  Yet, God asked Abraham to make this incredible sacrifice all the same.  Abraham was asked to forsake his son, his only son Isaac; the one whom he loved.  As difficult as God’s request was, Abraham was obedient to the request and passed the test.  I wonder, how you or I would do if we were put in the same position?  How much are you willing to sacrifice for God?  Why, or why not?  These are important questions we, as Christians, must ask and find answers to.  God does and will test you, and allow trials to come your way.  Will you be ready?

Join as we hear from God’s Word and worship together in the body of Christ this Sunday at 10:30!  Sunday school begins at 9:15.  Bring your friends and family.  Everyone is welcome!

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