Where to Find Enduring Hope in Despair – Genesis 22:20-23:20


There is not a lot of good news in the world today.  Our country has once again ramped up the war against terror and other threats to the world and our nation’s security loom before us.  The institution of the family is not only being redefinied in our culture, it is being outright and systematically dismantled before our eyes.  Christian genocide, in many parts of the world, is a reality and elsewhere Christians are being marginalized.  Where is the hope?  Many are not finding it and live in despair.
The church in Thessalonica had begun to see despair sink into it’s own community, as they considered the fate of their loved ones who had recently died, and they began to wonder why Christ had yet to return and set things right.  Others were causing them to doubt their faith.  Paul encouraged them saying, “We don’t want you to grieve, like others who have no hope.”  Why shouldn’t they grieve?  Paul said, because Jesus died and rose again, and so shall we who believe.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is called “good news” because it is good news for a world, otherwise, without enduring hope.
This week’s passage provides reasons for an enduring hope in the midst of despair.  It considers the tension between hope and despair, as the first generation of people to receive God’s great promise to Abraham begin to die without actually seeing its fufillment.  It too reminds us, that enduring hope only comes through faith in Jesus Christ.  Join us for worship at 10:30 and Sunday school at 9:15.  Everyone’s welcome!

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