Arranged Marriage – Genesis 24

marriage christ centered

Sarah, the great matriarch of the faith, has died.  Abraham is now very old and his generation is coming to an end.  God has made great promises to Abraham and his offspring, but Isaac is still the only offspring to the promise that Abraham has.  Time is running out and the mantle will soon need to be passed on.  Abraham, therefore, must arrange a marriage for Isaac, so that he may have children and pass the covenant promises on down the line until the time in which they are fulfilled.  You can feel the tension as Abraham sends his most trusted servant to search for a bride.

If you’ve taken time to clink the link, above, and read the passage, you’ll feel that tension but you’ll also discover that Abraham isn’t the only one arranging the marriage.  God is also at work.  That’s because God works through the circumstances of those acting in faith.  That’s not just a principle for Abraham or his servant; God is at work through the circumstances of your Christian faith.  He’s at work more often than you realize.  Included in our passage are several principles, related to God’s work, you can apply to your walk with Jesus.  We’ll look at each of them on Sunday, and consider how God “will do infinitely more than all we can ask or imagine according to His power that is working among us.” (Ephesians 3:20)

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