Spoiler Alert: “Birthright” – Genesis 25:19-34

created by God


Caroline and I don’t watch a lot of TV, but we do have a couple of favorite shows.  They are action/drama shows that leave you with a cliff hanger at the end of each week.  When the show’s over, we don’t click it off, but wait to see the preview for next week’s show.  I don’t know why we do that, because it only heightens our sense of anticipation for next week’s show, without really telling us anything new.  It can be pretty frustrating.
This week’s passage in Genesis is a lot like the preview of next week’s show, except that it tells you a lot about what’s coming next.  We have turned another major corner in Genesis, with Abraham having been gathered to his people and (spoiler alert ahead), Isaac’s family, especially his son Jacob, coming to the forefront for the next several months of our journey.  Genesis 25:19-34 is a prologue of what’s to come.  If you read it carefully, you’ll see that it summarizes a lot of what’s to follow.  It’s very much a behind the scenes look at who God is and what He’s doing in the lives of believers.  You may find it surprising and even scandalous.  Stay tuned this Sunday!

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